Codestral x Continue

Codestral x Continue

We are excited to share that we have partnered with Mistral AI to launch their latest model, Codestral!


Codestral was trained on more than 80 programming languages and is tailored for coding tasks like fill-in-the-middle and code completion. In fact, our early testing of Codestral went so well that we are making it our default autocomplete model.

We are often asked why we don't recommend using GPT-4, Claude 3, or Mistral Large for code completion suggestions. The answer is that these models haven't been trained for code infilling and don't have a low enough latency for this use case.

This is why we've been asking for AI research labs to train a code completion model. We knew developers could benefit so much from models for this use case, and yet, it has been surprisingly undervalued for a long time. But now, Mistral AI has delivered.

Codestral is available today for free though the Mistral API, which means you can use it for both autocomplete and chat with Continue. To get started, follow the step-by-step guide here.